What is the maximum size limit for sending attachments in Gmail?

Are you by any means looking for a way to send large attachments in Gmail? Well, in the very first attempt, you might face some obstacle. This is because you don’t really have any idea of the process.

Of course, there is a cap on the size of attachments you can send through Gmail. The uppermost limit you are allowed is 25 MB.  However, you have various other options through which you can send attachments, exceeding the uppermost limit.

The Procedure to Send Large Attachments in Gmail

As far as sending large attachments in Gmail are concerned, the procedure you have to follow is being elaborated below:-

  • While composing the message, click Insert files using Drive.
  • Next, you have to tap on the Upload button.
  • Choose the file you need to send and drop the same under the option Drag Files Here.
  •  You have to highlight the files that need to be shared.
  • To complete the procedure, click Insert.

When it comes to sharing the files of larger size in Gmail, you are not necessarily required to undergo a complicated procedure. All that you are supposed to do is to follow the instructions, as mentioned above.

Just in case, you are having some technical issue with your Gmail, there is no need to panic. In fact, you can make use of Gmail technical support phone number and speak to an expert, who is more qualified to manage such problems.

Encountering Problems with Uploading the Attachments

There will be occasions, where you might encounter problems while uploading the attachments. But the problems can be resolved, by taking these steps:-

  • Check if you are using a browser that supports Gmail or not.
  • If there is some problem with uploading the attachment, then switch to another browser.
  • Make sure to disable the proxy set up on your web browser.

It is not just about sending or receiving emails of large size. But, for practical purpose, Gmail does offer you the flexibility, which is more inclined to ease your burden. The entire purpose is geared towards streamlining the whole procedure and this really makes a huge difference.

What if the technical issues persist?

Technical issues are tough to manage if you don’t really have any appropriate information. Sometimes, these issues are best left in the hands of experts, who have a perfect knowledge of the various issues. You can also use the Gmail customer care number to get on hands assistance at a short notice. 

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